Show Sponsorship

Do you want PlayMakers Hearing About Your Business?

Our show attracts PlayMakers… Leaders that invest in themselves and believe in the future of their people and their business.

If these are the kind of people you want to reach, and if you want to assocaite yourself with a show that is inspirational, upbeat, and entertaining to CEOs, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, we would like to talk to you. There are various ways you can become part of this show, both on the air and on our website.

Here are some of ways you can participate:

  • Title Sponsorship: The “PlayMakers Talk Show” is brought to you by _______________.
  • Segment Sponsor: This segment of the “PlayMakers Talk Show” is brought to you by __________.
  • Be a “Featured Host”
  • Be a “Leading Expert/Faculty Member”
  • Website banners
  • Tables at our events
  • Speaking engagement at our events
  • …and more

Contact us by phone at (972) 644-1048 or email Steve@PDCchange,com and leave a detailed message about your interest with contact information including both a phone number and an email address including information about your company.

We look forward to speaking with you!