June 30 – Paul Bettner and Craig Boswell

On the June 30th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show, our guests were:

Paul Bettner  – Game Developer & CEO of Verse, Inc.

Craig Boswell – Co-Founder & President of HOBI International, Inc.

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Paul Bettner, Game Developer & CEO of Verse, Inc.

Paul Bettner has been creating interactive entertainment for 20 years.  At Microsoft Game Studios, Paul helped create the blockbuster hits Halo Wars and Age of Empires.  In 2008, Paul and his brother David left Microsoft and founded Newtoy, Inc.  They created the smash hit Words With Friends and changed mobile social gaming forever.

In 2012, Paul founded a new game development studio: Verse, Inc. Today, Verse carries on the tradition of creating beloved products that connect the world through play.

Paul is an avid pilot and devoted family man.  He lives in a 110 year-old home in McKinney, Texas with his lovely wife Katy and their three adorable children, Eloise, Arthur and Charlie.

Phone: (972) 542-5880


Craig Boswell, Co-Founder & President of HOBI International, Inc.

Craig BoswellCraig Boswell is Co-Founder and President of HOBI International, Inc. and has been extensively involved in the design, development and deployment of electronics demanufacturing and recycling techniques.

Craig’s background includes nine years experience as an electrical engineer for Texas Instruments, Inc. As Founder and President of HOBI International, Inc., Craig plays a key role in developing HOBI’s processes and procedures for data security, asset tracking and asset disposition services.

In his current role at HOBI, Craig travels throughout North America meeting with corporations and assisting them with designing systems that allowing them to maximize revenue and minimize cost through proper lifecycle management of IT and mobile devices.  He has worked closely with corporations such as AT&T, Barnes and Noble, Nokia, and Agero to create reverse logistics, asset management, and asset disposition solutions that are industry best in class. These systems focus on data security solutions, cost reductions through innovative logistics management, and revenue maximization through sales channel optimization.

Phone: (214) 951-0143


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