Complimentary Leadership Workshop!

“Would You Like to Discover How To Increase Team Productivity By a WHOPPING 35%?”

That’s what Professional Development Center’s presentations and training is all about.

Most managers received their MBA: Management By Accident or Appointment!  They’re in the right place at the right time and they get promoted.  This doesn’t guarantee their success.

You can turn your managers into Leaders and make 2018 your Quantum Leap Year by engaging us to conduct a Complimentary Productivity Improvement Workshop.

Which of the following skills will move your managers toward a Quantum Leap?  Could it be?

  •           Communication Skills
  •           Motivating People
  •           Strategic Planning
  •           Decision Making
  •           Problem Solving
  •           Teamwork
  •           Stress Management
  •           Coaching
  •           Leadership Skills
  •           Customer Service

Your managers will complete an assessment of these skills – identifying their strengths and weaknesses.  They will participate in exercises and discussions to get maximum results in each of these important areas.

In addition, they will complete an Action Plan on what they learned and how they will implement these new skills.

Call Steve A Klein at (214) 770-2222 to see if you qualify for this important workshop or email