April 3 – Rik Heller, Wello Inc. and Steve Carpenter, entegra technologies

Our Guests for the April 3rd edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Rik Heller – CEO, Wello Inc.

Steve Carpenter – CEO, entegra technologies

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Rik Heller, CEO, Wello Inc.

rh_feddRik Heller is the founder and CEO of Wello Inc. and the founder and CEO of Freshloc Technologies, Wello’s parent company.

Wello produces solutions designed to address early detection of illness to prevent infection and the spread of contagions in healthcare facilities, in education institutions and in the workplace.

Rik has been actively involved in providing patient safety solutions to hospitals for over 15 years. He invented the Wello products to promote wellness to the community through the monitoring of conditions that spread disease.


Phone: (972) 759-0111


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Rik Heller, Host Steve A Klein

Steve Carpenter, CEO, entegra technologies

headshot01Steve Carpenter is the CEO of entegra technologies and brings over 36 years of experience building global organizations in information technology services, customer relationship management, and retail media.

entegra technologies is a high-tech company that designs, manufactures, and markets a patented modular software and hardware computing platform for military, industrial and commercial customers. entegra released its first embodiment of this new open modular solution in late 2014 in the form of a ruggedized tablet computer called CrossfirePro.

For the end-user, CrossfirePro delivers lower overall costs, better workflow and higher return on investment. For the environment, CrossfirePro reduces product churn and landfill waste because these rugged tablets can be incrementally upgraded over time to extended their useful life.


Phone: (800) 766-2026

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Host Steve A Klein, Steve Carpenter

March 27 – Michael Ruley, Allied BioScience and Mike May, Spear One

Our Guests for the March 27th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Michael Ruley – CEO, Allied BioScience

Mike May – President, Spear One

Join us every Friday afternoon at 3:00 on 770 KAAM (KAAMRadio.com)

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Michael Ruley, CEO, Allied BioScience

Mike_Ruley_CR_LRBefore joining Allied BioScience, CEO Michael Ruley spent his career as a leader in the telecom industry. He has served as CEO of Airband Communications, Sparkplug Communications and Hawaiian Telcom.

Allied BioScience is an allied team of scientists and business professionals dedicated to strategically delivering new technologies to health care and other public sectors that reduce the spread of infection caused by surface pathogens.

Their key product is SurfaceWise, a long-lasting antimicrobial surface coating that reduces the presence of infectious pathogens on surfaces that people commonly touch in daily living, therefore redefining what it means for a surface to be clean.


Phone: (888) 224-5057


Mike May, President, Spear One

mike.may.headshotMike May is President and owner of Spear One, a full-service performance improvement company based in Dallas.

Spear One helps enterprise clients drive performance improvement and channel engagement with group incentive travel, recognition and incentive programs, event planning, and engagement campaigns – with creativity, flexibility, and a commitment to results.

Under Mike’s leadership, Spear One has quadrupled in size, added many Fortune 1000 clients, and broadened its expertise.


Phone: (972) 661-6000


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Mike May, Host Steve A Klein, Michael Ruley