January 6 – Doug Kramp, CEO, CataBoom

Our guest for the January 6th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Doug Kramp, CEO CataBoom

Doug Kramp, CEO CataBoom

Doug Kramp is CEO of CataBoom, the industry’s leading gamification and engagement platform headquartered in Richardson. Well-known brands such as Southwest Airlines, TGI Fridays and Pizza Hut have all leveraged CataBoom’s platform to gamify their marketing campaigns and engage their customers.

Joining CataBoom as CEO in June 2021, Doug’s strategic leadership has helped solidify the company’s position as the industry’s leading gamification and engagement platform.

Dedicated to growing lasting partnerships with small and mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 companies while communicating CataBoom’s vision, Doug brings over 35+ years of expert sales and marketing experience to the company. An industry pioneer with past C suite roles at Fossil, ZixMail, and PageMart Wireless, Doug is also the managing partner of the Dallas-based private equity firm ReignRock.

A magna cum laude graduate of Duke University, he is also a top-rated lecturer, co-author of the bestselling book Living with the End in Mind, and a top-20 all-time favorite guest of Oprah Winfrey.


Phone: (972) 379-9651

Host Steve A Klein, Guest Doug Kramp