May 10 – Braden Cazares, President & CEO, Precision Monitoring

Our guest for the May 10th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Braden Cazares, President & CEO, Precision Monitoring

Braden Cazares, President & CEO, Precision Monitoring

Precision Monitoring focuses on providing an advanced level of cardiac ambulatory monitoring solutions and quality assurance while maintaining and sustaining long term patient and physician relationships.

Braden Cazares has been the President and CEO of Precision Monitoring since founding and opening the organization in Irving, Texas in 2016. Braden’s vision in creating Precision was simple. His prior expertise in working with EKGs illuminated the flaws in an industry which had historically been focused on sales and volume instead of focusing on delivering a better quality product to physicians and patients. In this gap, Braden saw opportunity. He was determined to create a company where operations were streamlined so that there would be more efficiency in the timeliness of reporting to the physicians.

In less than eight years, Braden has grown the organization by 1000%. What started with five employees in a small office in Irving has since flourished to 80+ employees in Texas and California.

Phone: 800-341-1043

Host Steve A Klein, Guest Braden Cazares