August 7 – Michael Wittmeyer, CEO, JM Bullion, Inc.

Our Guest for the August 7th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Michael Wittmeyer, CEO, JM Bullion, Inc.

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Michael Wittmeyer is the CEO of JM Bullion, one of the largest online retailers of physical gold and silver investment products in the world. Michael co-founded JM Bullion in a basement in 2011, and has since scaled the company to annual revenues approaching $1Billion.

Customers can select between thousands of different gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins, complete a simple online checkout and have products quickly and discretely shipped directly to their door. JMB allows individuals to take control of their investments and secure their wealth with hard assets in their possession.
JM Bullion offers physical delivery of over 2,000 unique precious metals products at the lowest possible premiums. They have shipped millions of orders to hundreds of thousands of customers since the company’s founding.

Phone: (800) 276-6508

Guest Mike Wittmeyer, Host Steve A Klein