April 4 – Rick Hopper, ReadeREST & Neil Smiley, Loopback Analytics

On the April 4th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show, our guests were:

Rick Hopper – Founder & CEO,  ReadeREST

Neil Smiley – CEO, Loopback Analytics

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Rick Hopper, Founder & CEO, ReadeREST

The great leanRick Hopper comes from humble beginnings with memories of the smell of Bologna and mustard sandwiches in a paper lunch sack, the sound of that same paper bag swinging on the handlebars in the wind as he raced to school on the bike his parents bought for him for Christmas at a garage sale.

Rick was shy yet creative as a boy who was surrounded by two brothers, one year older and the other one year younger.  No time or money for college, so off to work he went in the construction trades where he earned a good enough living to feed a young family and live indoors.

His stories of defeat and success will keep you on the edge of your seat.  From the humblest of living conditions to a couple of highly successful business ventures, One of Rick’s greatest moments was his appearance on the hit show Shark Tank.  Somehow, Rick has mastered the art of recognizing simple solutions to annoying problems that plague the average human.

The simple solution for eyewear management problems – keep your glasses within hands reach, safely and securely with ReadeREST featuring SpecSecure technology. Using the power of magnets, place the back plate behind an article of clothing and the front piece on the outside of your clothing – the magnets will automatically attach and self-center without poking holes! Simply hang your glasses. You can bend over without your glasses falling out. AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!


Purchase any product at ReadeREST.com and receive 20% off by using Coupon Code KAAM at checkout for 20% off any product.

Phone: (855) 321-7732

Neil Smiley, CEO, Loopback Analytics

Before founding Loopback Analytics in 2009, Neil Smiley co-founded Phytel, Inc., a software-as-a-service company focused on physician-driven health improvement on behalf of thousands of physicians and millions of patients across the United States.

Loopback Analytics focus is on a comprehensive management platform that helps identify at-risk patient populations, match intervention and measure efficacy to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Neil had a 15-year career in management consulting with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and as a partner with Ernst & Young Consulting, working with Fortune 1000 clients in the manufacturing, high tech, oil and gas, and transportation industries.


Phone: (972) 480-3300

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Rick Hopper, Host Steve A Klein, Neil Smiley

March 28 – Andres Ruzo, LinkAmerica & Joe Brunson, Tusk Enterprises

On the March 28th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show, our guests were:

Andres Ruzo – CEO,  LinkAmerica

Joe Brunson – Founder & CEO, Tusk Enterprises

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Andres Ruzo, CEO, LinkAmerica

Andres Ruzo was born in Lima, Peru and came to the United States in 1980 to pursue a career in Engineering at Texas A&M University. He moved to Houston and started his entrepreneurial career buying an ownership position into Sabwor International an exploration oil company.

In 1992, he moved to Dallas to develop opportunities for refurbished telecom products and services in the USA domestic and Latin American Markets and two years later he started LinkAmerica, a technology company to refurbish and upgrade large switching systems for the telephone companies.

Since 2008, LinkAmerica has experienced an exponential revenue growth that has catapulted the organization to become the 2012 – #1 Fastest Hispanic growing business in the Nation.  Exceeding a 5117% compounded growth, since 2008.  LinkAmerica provides services to several OEM’s and carriers including: Fujitsu Networks, DART and AT&T.


Phone: (214) 272-2880

Joe Brunson,  Founder & CEO, Tusk Enterprises

JoeBrunsonJoe Brunson relieves staffing woes of nearly 900 healthcare facilities across the nation with his Arlington-based Tusk Enterprises and its two thriving companies, Rhino Medical Services and Hospitalists Plus.

Rhino Medical Services, established in 2003, started as a staffing firm focused on the anesthesia industry and now is a multimillion dollar operation with temporary and permanent staffing solutions for several different medical specialties: emergency medicine physicians, internal medicine physicians, general surgery physicians, family practice physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Rhino Medical Services’ success inspired the launch of Hospitalists Plus in 2011. Hospitalists Plus provides temporary and permanent staff of physicians for the relatively new specialty that focuses on caring for hospitalized patients.


Phone: (866) 267-4466


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