April 19 – Mansoor Ahsan, CEO, Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc.

Our Guest for the April 19th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Mansoor Ahsan, CEO, Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc.

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Mansoor Ahsan, CEO, Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc.

Mansoor Ahsan, PE was named Chief Executive Officer of Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. in 2002. Mansoor has held executive positions at ENR Top 100 Engineering Firms, in the capacity of Chief Structural Engineer, Director of Transportation Services, and Principal Engineer.

Founded in 1976, Bridgefarmer has been headquartered in Dallas, TX for over 40 years. Bridgefarmer handles complex, major and minor highways, railroads, and bridge type projects. Within the past 5 years, Bridgefarmer has prepared, as lead engineer firm and as a partner to other firms, over $5 billion in heavy civil infrastructure projects within Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. In addition, Bridgefarmer has established satellite offices within Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Georgia.

With bridge engineering as his true passion, Mansoor is a well-recognized civil engineer and is a registered professional engineer in over thirty states. Under Mansoor’s leadership, the Bridgefarmer team has expanded its footprint both internationally and domestically in the Southern Region of the United States.


Phone: (972) 231-8800

Host Steve A Klein, Guest Mansoor Ahsan