June 25 – Tony Rimas, President, asTech

Our Guest for the June 25th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Tony Rimas, President. asTech

Tony Rimas, President, asTech

Tony Rimas is President of asTech, a DFW-based company that is the leading provider of remote diagnostic solutions and services to the worldwide aftermarket in collision repair.

asTech provides cutting-edge, expert diagnostics using OEM tools to provide safe and accurate repairs. In addition, asTech provides remote diagnostics using its patented device and also provides access to ASE-Certified Master Technicians, who are trained to be virtual diagnosticians. asTech Master Technicians can service many trouble codes remotely and provide real-time assistance to shop technicians at the vehicle when needed. asTech also offers mobile repair, key replacement, calibration services, and BlueDriver®, the #1 vehicle scan tool solution on Amazon.

Tony has over 20 years of leadership experience in the automotive industry beginning in San Antonio with Red McCombs’ McCombs Enterprise, where he ran a top 50 dealer group as the director of operations. His time with McCombs helped Tony position himself as a leader in the automotive industry. During the last two decades, he has gained extensive experience with automotive venture capital, which ultimately connected him with asTech in 2019.


Phone: (888) 486-1166

Host, Steve A Klein, Tony Rimas

June 18 – Jeremy Hedrick, President, DialCare

Our Guest for the June 18th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Jeremy Hedrick President, DialCare

Jeremy Hedrick President, DialCare

Jeremy Hedrick serves as President of DialCare, LLC, the telemedicine affiliate of Careington International Corporation. Jeremy began his Careington career in 2001, and is responsible for the overall visionary leadership and strategic growth of the DialCare brand and business model.

In 2017, Jeremy was selected to launch a new Careington affiliate company, DialCare, an innovative telemedicine solution that began with the DialCare Physician Access program offering 24/7 virtual access to licensed physicians via phone or video consultation.

Just two years later, he helped create the DialCare Mental Wellness program, which today includes a student program known as the DialCare Dialogue program focusing on students ages 12-18, as well as a more traditional virtual mental wellness program available to adults.

Dialcare launched its third program, DialCare Teledentistry, in 2020 which offers 24/7 virtual access to licensed dentists for phone or video consults and second opinions on oral health questions and concerns with more virtual programs on the horizon as DialCare continues to address the need for high-quality, service centric telehealth programs.


Phone: (844) 677-2255

Guest, Jeremy Hedrick