December 30 – Alex Danza, Founder & President, Vonlane

Our Guest for the December 30th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Alex Danza, Founder & President, Vonlane

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Alex Danza, Founder & President, Vonlane

Alex Danza is the Founder and CEO of Vonlane, a first-of-it-kind luxury motor coach service. Founded to eliminate the hassles and lost productivity associated with short-haul commercial flights or self driving, Vonlane provides direct, scheduled transport between major cities in Texas.

Prior to forming Vonlane, Alex was President of Savoya LLC, a provider of global chauffeured ground transportation services. While at Savoya, Alex developed the company into the one of the most respected and successful companies in the $3 Billion chauffeured ground transportation industry.

With less than two dozen seats, Vonlane coaches are custom-designed for comfort, convenience and uninterrupted work time. Amenities range from attendant service and noise-canceling headphones to WiFi, satellite television and an onboard conference room.

Reservations: (844) 866-5263 – (844) VONLANEAlex Danza, Host, Steve A Klein