October 6 – Jeff Kaye and John Egnatis & Anthony Natale

On the October 6th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show, our guests were:
Jeff Kaye – Co-CEO, Kaye/Bassman International and John Egnatis – CEO & Anthony Natale – President, Grenadier Homes

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Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO – Kaye/Bassman International
Jeff Kaye is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kaye/Bassman International, Next Level Exchange, and Co-Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates®.
Jeff graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and entered the search profession. In his first year, he was named Rookie of the Year and ranked in the National Top Ten Account Executives with the nation’s largest search and recruitment organization.
In his second year, he was named National Account Executive of the Year out of a network of over 4,000 recruiters. With over two decades in search, Jeff has helped his firm grow into the largest single-site search firm in the United States, win national awards for philanthropy and workplace flexibility, and has been named the #1 “Best Company to Work for in Texas” four consecutive years.
Jeff founded Next Level Exchange in 2007 with a mission to elevate the competencies and capabilities of recruitment professionals with over 1,000 clients in over 30 countries around the world.
In 2011, Kaye/Bassman acquired Sanford Rose Associates®, a boutique executive search network with offices spanning North America and Asia.  Within one year of acquisition, SRA was recognized by Franchise Business Review winning the 2013 Top 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award.





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John Egnatis – CEO & Anthony Natale – President – Grenadier Homes
Anthony Natale and John Egnatis started Grenadier Homes in 1990.  A big component of their success is flexibility — being able to recognize when the needs of the market are changing and adapting their product to match.
When John Egnatis was 13 years old, he took a summer job, near where his father worked as a trade furrier in Canada. On the daily drives to and from downtown, John’s father gave him civic and architecture lessons by never taking the same route twice and continually describing how the city had changed due to municipal initiatives and market forces. That experience sparked a curiosity in John about land, commerce and architectural design that continues to burn bright today.
John’s next part time job was at a home shelving retailer, similar to The Container Store, where he took an immediate interest in understanding and meeting the needs of customers.
John now serves as the Grednadier Homes CEO and has managed land acquisition and equity/debt financing for Grenadier Homes since 1991.
Anthony’s father was a successful home builder in Canada, and began working for his father at the age of five, sweeping out basements and gathering scrap metal to recycle into additional funds. Alongside his father, Anthony learned the home building trade, the importance of staying grounded, and the value of hard work and discipline.John worked for a year with a civil engineering firm focused on residential land development and began his MBA studies. As president of Grenadier Homes, Anthony has managed operations, construction and land operations for Grenadier since 1991.Inspired by Italian craftsmen for their attention to detail,  the Grenadier Way is to focus on the details. This maximizes beauty and minimizes problems, keeping warranty costs low and enabling customer satisfaction.


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Jeff Kaye, Host Steve A Klein, Anthony Natale and John Egnatis