March 21 – Stan Stevenson, Sendero & Chris Phelps, Tacky Box

On the March 21st edition of PlayMakers Talk Show, our guests were:

Stan Stevenson- Managing Director,  Sendero Wealth Management

Chris Phelps – “Business Hippie” & Founder, Tacky Box

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Stan Stevenson, Managing Director,  Sendero Wealth Management Stan photo

Stan Stevenson is a Managing Director and a member of the Sendero Investment Committee. Stan came to Sendero in 2013 from the Wealth Advisory Group at Northern Trust.

Prior to that, he spent fifteen years as the Director of Marketing and Investor Relations at Dallas-based Belmont Wealth Management, a family office and privately-owned wealth management firm.

Stan has a BBA and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. He is active in politics and supports several charities benefitting the US military and wounded veterans.

Chris Kent Phelps, “Business Hippie” & Founder, Tacky Box

Chris Phelps, dubbed “Business Hippie” by those who’ve partnered with her during her 16-year business career, and “Mom” by Emma (6½) and Jake (4), is a self-proclaimed recovering CPA turned entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Texas, Chris comes by her creative talents naturally. Her mother, Cindy Kent, co-collaborator on the Tacky Box set, is a professional artist and has taught art classes both privately and for public schools.

Chris hung her own shingle in July 2011 and launched a series of projects and companies across multiple industries. Her latest project – Tacky Box – is special because it all began with her daughter and has become a family business.

“No one was more surprised when the Tacky Box worked. It really worked. After the first week, I saw a noticeable change in my children. Not only do my kids police their own language and behavior, but they gently encourage those around them to choose kinds words and actions rather than tacky ones. As it turns out, the Tacky Box armed me with what I needed in a tough moment, and it continues to teach personal responsibility, the power of words and actions, and the importance of kindness.”

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