September 5 – Jeff Kilpatrick, Whitmore & Albert Reyes, Buckner International

On the September 5th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show, our guests were:

Jeff Kilpatrick – President & CEO, Whitmore

Albert L. Reyes – President & CEO, Buckner International

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Jeff Kilpatrick, President & CEO, Whitmore

Kilpatrick Corporate Picture July 2013Jeff Kilpatrick joined Capital Southwest Holdings Whitmore in 2012, which is a 121-year old manufacturer of high performance industrial lubricants and lubrication management equipment that provide continual reliability and uptime for critical equipment.

Headquartered in Rockwall, Whitmore’s 225,000 square foot facility includes a fully integrated manufacturing plant, state-of-the-art research center, training facility and corporate offices.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in mathematics degree from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, Jeff started his career as a management consultant for Arthur Andersen. After leaving the consulting business, Jeff worked in various sales and marketing management roles for high growth businesses in the educational publishing, software and telecommunications industries.

Prior to joining Whitmore, Jeff served as General Manager of ShockWatch, another Capital Southwest holding.

Phone: (800) 699-6318


Albert L. Reyes, President & CEO, Buckner International

2014 Albert L Reyes Buckner President CEOAlbert L. Reyes is the sixth President and CEO of Buckner International and has worked for Buckner since 2007. He previously served as President of Buckner International and President of Buckner Children and Family Services.

Buckner International is a global, faith-based ministry dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, families and elders in the United States and around the world.

Founded in 1879 in Dallas, today Buckner serves people worldwide through a variety of programs designed to protect children and build strong families. These programs include foster care and adoption, family transition programs, community-based family preservation programs and retirement services for the elderly.

Prior to his service at Buckner, Albert was President of Baptist University of the Américas in San Antonio, where he led the school through dramatic changes in its accreditation, name and structure.

Phone: (214) 758-8000


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Jeff Kilpatrick, Host Steve A Klein, Albert Reyes