January 15 – Abid Abedi, iCode and Richard Bell, The BOSS (Bargain Outlet Super Store)

Our Guests for the January 15th/16th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Abid Abedi, CEO, iCode

Richard Bell, CEO, The BOSS ( Bargain Outlet Super Store)

Join us Friday afternoon at 3:00 and Saturday morning at 9:00 on 770 KAAM (KAAMRadio.com)

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Abid Abedi, CEO, iCode

Abid Abedi - Headshot

As the founder and chairman of a staffing agency, Abid Abedi saw a need to help fill the gap for STEAM careers through a holistic learning program. He partnered with some key individuals and created iCode; an educational incubator with classes in the evenings and weekends teaching children in grades 1-12 computer programming and robotics.

Abid is a serial entrepreneur with more than fifteen startups in technology, wireless services, IT consulting, staffing services, real estate development and education in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His companies include Managed Staffing, Scarlet Wireless, Rosewood Academy, Nectir, Inc., Plano Parkway Investments and most recently, iCode.

iCode is an after school and weekend program that offers holistic STEM education to students in 1st through 12th grade immersing them in high-tech surroundings as they learn computer-programming skills in addition to learning concepts in the field of robotics and computer science.


Phone: (469) 608-7023

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Richard Bell, CEO, The BOSS ( Bargain Outlet Super Store)


The BOSS, or Bargain Outlet Super Store, was founded by Richard Bell, in 2008, in the garage of his two-bedroom home and has developed into a 30,000-square-foot super store and showroom.

Headquartered in Dallas, The BOSS is a home improvement outlet super store that sells to the pros but is also open to the public. In fact, The BOSS is the only pro supplier in Dallas-Fort Worth that offers contractor discounts to the public.

The BOSS buys directly from the manufacturer and passes the deep discounts to their customer. They source materials from around the world made to tight specifications, ensuring consistent quality. The BOSS offers a huge supply of flooring and home improvement supplies such as cabinets, counter tops, faucets, vanities, toilets, door hardware, and moldings.


Phone: (972) 255-9900

STB-logo-[Converted]2016-01-12 10.55.38Host, Steve A Klein, Richard Bell