February 5 – Mike Losawyer, Texas811 and Jeff Wilson, Saxony Partners

Our Guests for the February 5th/6th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Mike Losawyer, CEO, Texas811

Jeff Wilson, CEO, Saxony Partners & Pereview Software

Join us Friday afternoon at 3:00 and Saturday afternoon at 1:00 on 770 KAAM (KAAMRadio.com)

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Mike Losawyer, CEO, Texas811

Mike - 2015

Mike Losawyer is President and CEO of Texas811, a damage prevention non-profit 501 (c) 4 entity that is the largest 811 one-call center in the nation and is headquartered in Dallas.

Texas811 was formed in 1984 as Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc. and was the first statewide one call notification center in Texas.   Their mission is damage prevention of underground assets for our over 1500 member utilities and municipalities in Texas.

Texas811 works to protect underground pipelines, cables etc. by notifying utilities of upcoming intended excavations so those utilities can mark the location of their buried lines before the dig begins.


Locate Request Phone: 811

Office Phone: (972) 231-5497

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Jeff Wilson, CEO, Saxony Partners & Pereview Software

JWilson - photo

Jeff Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Saxony Partners and Pereview Software. Established in 2011, Saxony Partners is a Dallas based Technology consulting firm that focuses on the Real Estate / Financial Services industry.

Pereview Software is the operational platform for the real estate investment professional. Pereview automates the ‘Life of the Asset’ from acquisitions from dispositions and everything in between.

Prior to starting Saxony, Jeff served as the Chief Technology Officer for the Archon Group, the Real Estate division of Goldman Sachs and Jeff worked for Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in their Real Estate Division.

SaxonyPartners.com        PereviewSoftware.com

Phone: (214) 389-7903

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Jeff Wilson, Host, Steve A Klein, Mike Losawyer