February 10 – Mike Covert, President & Co-Founder, Ignite Partnership

Our Guest for the February 10th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Mike Covert, President & Co-Founder, Ignite Partnership

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Mike Covert, President & Co-Founder, Ignite Partnership

Mike Covert is President and Co-Founder of Ignite Partnership LLC, the marketing agency for technology brands that want to understand and capitalize on complex buyer journeys.

Ignite Partnership is the premiere marketing communications agency for the tech industry, with more than 300 national product launches. Ignite guides client innovations to market with customized strategies and communications for tech product and service providers.

Prior to starting Ignite in 2008, Mike worked in competitive agency environments in Dallas, New York City and Chicago.  Now in a career approaching two decades, Mike has launched more than a thousand products and ideas in a variety of industries, leading teams in integrated campaigns to increase awareness and generate sales. He’s proud to have made notable impacts on Kraft/Nabisco, ESPN, Miller Brewing, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, Samsung and many other companies.


Phone: (972) 607-9935

Host, Steve A Klein, Mike Covert