April 21 – Richard A. Marquez, President & CEO, Texans Can Acadamies

Our Guest for the April 21st edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Richard A. Marquez, President & CEO, Texans Can Academies

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Richard A. Marquez, President & CEO, Texans Can Academies

Richard Marquez has served as President and CEO of Texans Can Academies since March 2007. Prior to Texans Can Academies Richard was special advisor to the Secretary of Education, United States Department of Education; superintendent for a South Texas school district; area superintendent for Dallas ISD; high school principal, middle-school teacher and a successful entrepreneur training in school districts across the country.

Celebrating 31 years of providing the highest quality education for all students, Texans Can Academies are public charter high schools throughout Texas, welcoming students ages 14-21 who have struggled in traditional high schools. This unique network of 13 charter schools are located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. All schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice that accept students throughout the academic year.

While Richard was principal, the first dual credit course that allowed students to gain college credit while attending high school was begun, an alumni association to raise funds for the school was created and the school store became an entrepreneurial center managing fundraisers and student sales grossing over $175,000 annually. With Richard’s direction, an infant care facility to care for the children of students was opened in a local church through a partnership with the YMCA.


Phone: (214) 944-1985

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