September 8 – Brooke Lively, CEO & Founder, Cathedral Capital

Our Guest for the September 8th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Brooke Lively, CEO & Founder, Cathedral Capital

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Brooke Lively, CEO & Founder, Cathedral Capital

Brooke Lively is the CEO and Founder of Cathedral Capital, based in Fort Worth. Cathedral Capital is an outsourced CFO company with a consortium of CFOs and Profitability Strategists committed to equipping entrepreneurs and small business leaders with the critical tools and expertise to take their businesses to the next level.

Brooke and her team offer custom-tailored programs to help business owners with financial strategy to grow their companies. Her mission is to make meaningful connections with her clients, helping them design and realize their unique vision of success.

Brooke is also the author of “6 Key Numbers Every Entrepreneur Should Know,” the framework that helps clients improve their profitability & sustainability, which ultimately creates a successful work-life balance

Phone: (817) 338-1011

Host, Steve A Klein, Brooke Lively