November 10 – Chris Rawley, CEO, Harvest Returns

Our Guest for the November 10th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Chris Rawley, CEO, Harvest Returns

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Chris Rawley, CEO, Harvest Returns

In 2016 Chris Rawley, while visiting a farm investment in Central America, conceived the idea of building a crowdfunding platform to streamline agriculture investment. He soon founded Harvest Returns to bring that vision to reality.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Harvest Returns, LLC is a financial technology company created in 2016 by two combat veterans to bring agricultural producers together with investors. Through democratizing the agriculture investment process with an equity partnership format, the online platform provides curated, diversified offerings of farm, ranch and timberland to accredited investors.

As a Captain in the United States Navy Reserve, Chris is also the Commanding Officer of a unit focused on building maritime security partnerships in the piracy-plagued Gulf of Guinea.

Phone: (844) 673-8876

Host, Steve A Klein, Chris Rawley