April 13 – Uni Yost, CEO/Founder, InsurCompare.com

Our Guest for the April 13th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Uni Yost, CEO/Founder, InsurCompare.com

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Uni Yost, CEO/Founder, InsurCompare.com

InsurCompare is a proprietary insurance open marketplace, similar to Amazon, Kayak and Credit Karma, where consumers can shop, compare products and pricing on all types of insurance and services. Customers can manage, organize and review their current insurance using their proprietary InsurSmart technology.

Uni Yost started a single insurance agency that grew to multiple locations. The challenging experience of working with insurance companies, agents and consumers helped to shape the vision for InsurCompare. She wanted to create a better way for consumers to find the right insurance products and services that they need and still be connected with an insurance professional.

InsureCompare is unique to consumers in two ways. First, it lets them choose the agent to work with in order to create a better experience; and second, it gives the customer access to a broad range of insurance in one place where options can be found directly on their site without an agent. The customers data is not sold to external agencies nor sent to multiple agencies at once as a lead.


Phone: (877) 220-8549

Host, Steve A Klein; Guest Uni Yost