December 30 – Jon Bolen, CEO, ENTOUCH Controls

Our Guest for the December 30th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Jon Bolen, CEO, ENTOUCH Controls

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Jon Bolen, CEO, ENTOUCH Controls

ENTOUCH Controls CEO, Jon Bolen, is a business-centric technology leader who focuses on disciplined execution. Jon joined ENTOUCH Controls in 2013 as their Chief Operating Officer and played a critical role in transforming this early stage energy management and controls organization into a platform as a service offering (PaaS).

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2008, ENTOUCH is the pioneer in energy management with thermostats and software to improve efficiencies for key systems used for buildings.. The company provides cloud-based software and hardware that measures and manages areas that include HVAC and lighting, along with the metering of electricity, gas and water.

Named CEO in 2019, Jon and his team have led ENTOUCH to the most profitable year in its history.

Phone: (800) 820-3511

Guest Jon Bolen