January 22 – Shane Long, COO & President, 7T

Our Guest for the January 22nd edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Shane Long, COO & President, 7T

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Shane Long, COO & President, 7T

Shane Long is a visionary, entrepreneur, and strategic thinker with over two decades of experience in enterprise software, mobile, semiconductors and SaaS markets working with some of the world’s leading companies.

7T is a leading digital transformation company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s expertise spans the most advanced platforms including custom mobile apps, ERP platforms, CRM systems, Snowflake and cloud data solutions, data governance tools and other enterprise software solutions. 7T works with Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative, emerging technology businesses in a variety of industries.

Shane helped pioneer the smartphone industry, having co-founded and led Bitboys, a semiconductor company that brought the first true graphics processors to the mobile phone. He joined SevenTablets, now 7T, in 2016 and has played an integral role in transforming the organization from a leading Dallas mobile application development company to now a full-service software development firm.


Phone: (214) 299-5100

Host Steve A Klein, Guest Shane Long