January 14 – Robert Anderson, Jr., CEO, Cyber Defense Labs

Our Guest for the January 14th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Robert Anderson, Jr., CEO, Cyber Defense Labs

Robert Anderson, Jr., CEO, Cyber Defense Labs

As Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Defense Labs, Robert Anderson, Jr. has leveraged decades of executive leadership and operational experience to transform Cyber Defense Labs into an expert cybersecurity services firm helping companies proactively reduce risk and best protect their organization from today’s constantly evolving cyber threats.

Robert credits his leadership skills, knowledge and real-world experience in critical incident response and risk management to the early days of his career where he served as a Delaware state trooper for nearly nine years. He later spent more than 20 years serving in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where he combatted violent crime and drug operations, served on the elite Hostage Rescue Team, and led critical national security operations involving cybersecurity, counterintelligence, economic espionage, and critical incident response.

Following his FBI career, Robert served as managing director for a global management, technology, and risk consulting firm, where his security team helped companies respond to and recover from thousands of data breaches and other cyber events.


Phone: (972) 737-8200

Host Steve A Klein, Guest Robert Anderson, Jr.