July 28 – Jimmy Kinley, CEO, Kinley Construction

Our guest for the July 28th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Jimmy Kinley, CEO, Kinley Construction

Jimmy Kinley, CEO, Kinley Construction

As the sixth-generation CEO of Kinley Construction, Jimmy Kinley grew up in the family construction business. In his early years, he’d visit job sites with both his grandfather and his father, J.L..

During his college years, Jimmy worked labor roles in the ditches, assisting welders or doing whatever needed to be done on job-site teams. He learned the business from literally the ground up. Since college, he has been exposed to and worked with all levels of the organization, learning the perspectives and styles of colleagues and supervisors, from the field to executive ranks.

Over his career and his father’s tenure as CEO, Jimmy has had leadership roles in over 23 companies, including startups and acquisitions. This experience has resulted in his ever-growing and expanding vast network of industry and leadership connections and his personally great skills and experience.



Phone: (817) 461-2100

Host Steve A Klein, Guest Jimmy Kinley