March 1: Cade Griffis, CEO, D-BAT

Our guest for the March 1st edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Cade Griffis, CEO, D-BAT

D-BAT was founded in 1998 by Cade and Kyle Griffis. CEO, Cade Griffis began traveling to different cities giving private lessons. Cade and his brother Kyle quickly realized that they had a rare opportunity at their fingertips.

Their simple goal was to provide an indoor facility that matched the level of quality players in the area. They turned their dream into a reality with their first location in Addison, Texas. This facility quickly became the top indoor Baseball and Softball training center in the country.

In 2009 the D-BAT team decided to take their idea to the next level by giving others the opportunity to own their own D-BAT Academy. Beginning with just 3 locations in their first year, their business model has grown to over 160 locations.”

Guest Cade Griffis, Host Steve A Klein