June 10/11 – Mike Lamb, Viverae and Hugh Carspecken, DartPoints

Our Guests for the June 10th/11th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Mike Lamb, President & CEO, Viverae

Hugh Carspecken, CEO, DartPoints

Join us Friday afternoon at 3:00 and Saturday afternoon at 2:00 for an Encore Presentation on 770 KAAM (KAAMRadio.com)

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Mike Lamb, President & CEO, Viverae

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As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Lamb has the mission of positioning Viverae as a trendsetter in the integration of corporate wellness and progressive technology. Mike joined Viverae as President and Chief Operating Officer in 2012 and led the company’s efforts in building scalable service delivery and technology organization, which supported record company growth while improving client and member satisfaction year over year.

Viverae is a leader in innovative workplace wellness technology, supporting and empowering members on their journey to better health and well-being. Its proprietary application manages member health data, activity, incentives, and third-party insurance claims to personalize wellness programs and create an engaging experience. With more than 350 clients and nearly 1 million members in a variety of industries across the country, its wellness programs are designed to create a culture of health while managing healthcare costs.

Prior to joining Viverae, Mike was an executive in the competitive human resources outsourcing industry for over twenty years at Automatic Data Processing (ADP).


Phone: (888) VIVERAE or (888) 848-3723


Hugh Carspecken, CEO, DartPoints


DartPoints CEO, Hugh Carspecken, has nearly 20 years of cross-industry technology experience, from data networking to fiber optics to wireless infrastructure. He spent the early half of his career in Silicon Valley, helping to start and grow several start-ups.

Founded in 2012, DartPoints is now a leader in the emerging Data-Enhanced Property market and is evolving the data center industry through its network of highly efficient, fully compliant, cost-effective, state-of-the-art, on-demand, and on-premise micro data centers.

Hugh held a senior leadership role at Fujitsu Network Communications, launching Fujitsu’s multi-technology solutions organization. Applying the lessons learned through his experiences, Hugh is adapting how data centers will meet the growing and changing requirements of today’s businesses.


Phone: (888) 257-7462

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