June 3/4 – Jack Hooper, Take Command Health and Scott Hayes, ISC Group

Our Guests for the June 3rd/4th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

Jack Hooper, CEO, Take Command Health

Scott Hayes, President & CEO, ISC Group

Join us Friday afternoon at 3:00 and Saturday afternoon at 2:00 for an Encore Presentation on 770 KAAM (KAAMRadio.com)

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Jack Hooper, CEO, Take Command Health

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Jack Hooper is CEO, the Chief Victim of Overpriced Health Insurance for Take Command Health; a website and app that helps individuals make smart health insurance decisions.  Unlike Healthcare.gov and other sites that just list plans, Take Command Health uses a simple, TurboTax like interview—asking about doctors, prescriptions, and health needs—and then analyzes all the plans available to make a recommendation.

Take Command Health started when founder Jack Hooper and his wife Brittany, were blessed but very surprised with a twin pregnancy.  Jack and Brittany had just moved from Texas to Philadelphia to start business school at Wharton—leaving their jobs and families behind and moving into a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Philadelphia.

Trying to figure out how much twins were going to cost was a mess.  Jack used his time in graduate school to focus on healthcare transparency.  With Obamacare rolling out and more people in need of help choosing plans, Jack founded Take Command Health to be a personal health advocate and service for individuals.



Scott Hayes, President & CEO, ISC Group

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Scott Hayes is President and CEO of ISC Group, Inc., a full-service financial services firm in Dallas. ISC Group is comprised of a securities broker dealer, Institutional Securities Corporation (member FINRA/SIPC), a Registered Investment Advisor, ISC Advisors Inc., and an insurance agency.

Scott joined ISC in 1997 as Director of Operations and became president and CEO when he acquired the firm from the founder at the end of 2012. He has more than twenty years of industry experience, starting his career in 1993 at the predecessor firm to Ameriprise and then working at Fidelity Investments for 3 years prior to joining ISC.

ISC Group corporately focuses on the pension plan and other retirement plan markets such as 401(k) for corporations and 403(b) plans for non-profit employer groups.


Phone: (214) 520-1115


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