May 27/28 – Dan O’Neal, MosquitoNix and Roger Gardner, Learfield Sports

Our Guests for the May 27th/28th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show:

F. Dan O’Neal, Chairman & CEO, MosquitoNix

Roger Gardner, Chief Culture and Communications Officer, Learfield Sports

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F. Dan O’Neal, Chairman & CEO, MosquitoNix

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Before he became the chairman and CEO of MosquitoNix, the nation’s leading mosquito misting company, F. Dan O’Neal had a series of successful ventures, including the sale of several insurance companies and the formation of a private equity business.

In February 2006, Dan and several partners founded FEMO Holdings LP and purchased the assets of Dallas-based MosquitoNix with the intent of turning the company into a household name nationwide.

MosquitoNix is now the nation’s leader in mosquito misting systems, servicing tens of thousands of customers in more than 500 U.S. cities and nine countries. MosquitoNix products & services employ a mist system that uses a natural solution to kill and repel spiders, fleas, gnats, and other pests, including West Nile & Zika – carrying mosquitoes.

Phone: (972) 934-3131


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Roger Gardner, Chief Culture and Communications Officer, Learfield Sports


Roger Gardner is the Chief Culture and Communications Officer for Learfield Communications and is recognized as a national leader in sports media communications and marketing. He has been a key member of what began as the Missouri Network and the Brownfield Network, today known as Learfield Communications, an international leader in agricultural media and collegiate sports marketing.

Learfield empowers businesses and universities by connecting big brands to the excitement, passion, tradition, fans and FUN of college sports, through customized marketing solutions and experiences. Learfield Sports is the owner of athletic multi-media rights to more than 120 major collegiate programs, including the University of Missouri, the company’s first sports client.

Roger has served in a number of management roles, including COO, helped negotiate multi-million dollar contracts with major universities and was integral in the purchase of complementary companies that have been incorporated into Learfield.

Phone: (469) 241-9191

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