August 13th: Travis Richards, Owner & CEO, Catco

Our Guest for the August 13th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Travis Richards, Owner & CEO, Catco

Travis Richards is the owner and CEO of Catco, an industrial manufacturing company that protects our energy infrastructure from safety and operational failures caused by frozen equipment.

Through three generations of family ownership, Catco has applied catalytic heating technology to all phases of the natural gas extraction and delivery process. Under Travis’s leadership, Catco has begun to implement IoT compatible solutions to the industry, which improve the safety and reliability of America’s wells, pipelines, and power plants.

In 2021 Travis founded Natural Gas School, an organization dedicated to providing free technical and industry education to engineers, technicians, salespeople, executives and other professionals working the natural gas business.

Phone: (972) 563-8065

Guest Travis Richards, Host Steve A Klein

August 6: Alex Hemani, CEO, Alex Hemani Companies

Our Guest for the August 6th edition of PlayMakers Talk Show: Alex Hemani, CEO, AlexHemani Companies

Alex Hemani, CEO, AlexHemani Companies

Since 2006, Alex Hemani has been investing in multiple businesses and now has an interest in 36 companies nationally and internationally from franchise opportunities, private equity funds to tech start ups.

Starting with one single family rental investment in 2006, Alex has amassed a personal portfolio of approximately 300 Single Family Rental homes. Over the years, Alex has done thousands of transactions with a combined value in excess of one billion dollars.

In the early 2000’s, Alex and two partners began investing in spec homes, building one, and then investing the profits into the next. Alex developed a formula for SFR investing that provides the holy grail of immediate cash flow and future appreciation.

Alex created Hemani Homes in 2018 to expand his SFR investments into the rehab and sell model better known as fix ‘n flip. Alex’s latest venture in 2021 is through the private equity fund model to acquire quality assets at distressed prices in the commercial space and convert and/or repurpose them.

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Host Steve A Klein, Guest Alex Hemani